Symphatischer Hurensohn

von urkeramik

No I’m not happy and I’m damn proud of it!

I was asked a few months back by a close friend from my previous life if I was “happy”.  At the time I was unable to reply as well as I wanted. “Happy” never really factored into the equation or at least it hadn’t for quite some time. I simply can’t fathom how “happiness” can be my focus when there is so much wrong, so little time to fix it and so few attempting to report the truth about it.

Eines der wenigen englischsprachigen Blogs, die ich regelmäßig lese ist  American Everyman  von Scott Creighton. Für den obigen Satz wird er hiermit endgültig in meine persönliche Heldengalerie aufgenommen und meinen wenigen Lesern ans Herz gelegt.

Thank you Scott!